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    Vanessa Kahlon, MA, is the Founder & Executive Director of the non-profit KFS School, serving twice-exceptional children in an individualized classroom setting. The mission is to meet each child where they are at and to promote social and emotional skills, in addition to individualized academics. She developed YEAS Yoga (Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum) an exciting, personalized program that addresses self-regulation needs of high-spirited children.  Vanessa is the author of the book “Shut Up & Parent,” which empowers parents with tools and strategies for managing daily behavioral struggles. Vanessa is a Family Interventionist, providing individualized and intensive coaching and support in homes and classrooms.  Lastly, Vanessa hosts the podcast, Parenting With Vanessa Kahlon. Vanessa is a guest lecturer with various schools and organizations. During the pandemic, KFS School has been going strong with being able to support many families and their unique needs.
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  • Got Her Featured In Entrepreneurs Herald Top Influential Entrepreneurs List 

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    Vanessa Kahlon

    Founder at KFS School

    "It was a great pleasure working with sunshy during the process of the interview. In every email that was sent, they responded quickly and when they stated that the article would come out it did! In business, it is so important to work with people who respond quickly and do what they say!"

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