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    We are a public relations and communications agency that specializes in media placements, personal branding, and marketing strategy. We work with top entrepreneurs, artists, professionals, influencers, and established companies to grow their media presence, build strong brand credibility, and boost their business.


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    Media Placements

    Our strong network of connections with more than 300+ major media outlets allows us to strategically get our clients featured. Over the years, our clients have been featured in some of the world’s biggest and most renowned publications. They have gone on to build strong personal brands, and they have been strategically positioned as leaders in their industries. Our award-winning writers can write about your life and work story in a way that it will get picked up by major media publications and authors. From ideation to pitching we do it all.

  • Media Outlets Our Clients Have Appeared In​

  • Google Knowledge Panel Creation​


    Have you seen the panel that shows up on the right side of Google search results when you search “Bill Gates” or “Nike”? That’s called the Google knowledge panel. Only the biggest brands and the most famous people in the world are able to get that coveted panel. Imagine how much your authority and credibility would go up if you could just tell your clients to Google your name and a panel shows up on the right side. Our experts have discovered the key secrets that lead to panel creation, and this allows us to create panels for our clients. Today our credibility stamp starts with Google. Having a Google knowledge panel and your company or name Google indexed is the difference between you being chosen as the expert or being compared to everyone else.

  • Social Media Verification​


    Ever dreamed of getting that blue checkmark on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook or Instagram? Who hasn’t? That blue checkmark is not just a simple tick. It’s a sign of credibility, authority, and influence. Only the most renowned brands and influencers are able to get that coveted blue checkmark and once they do get it, they find that their business goes to a whole other level. However, you need to be eligible first to apply for it, and that requires a lot of press. Our award-winning writers can write about your life and work story in a way that it will get picked up by major media publications and authors. From ideation to pitching we do it all.

  • Wikipedia Page Creation​


    Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world, and it holds some prime real estate on Google’s search results page, and usually, Wikipedia always shows up in the top 5 search results for any specific keyword. Almost every renowned brand in the world has a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is also a trigger for Google knowledge panel creation. Imagine the credibility, exposure, and authority you would have if you were on Wikipedia. Our Wikipedia experts are skilled in creating Wikipedia pages.

  • Contributor Spots


    Months of testing has allowed us to crack the code and figure out the exact strategies that can be used to secure contributor spots on some of the world’s leading publications. We do this by strategically building up your writing portfolio and pitching you as an expert in your industry.

  • Book Writing & Publishing​


    Being a published author can have a huge impact on your personal brand. Often times, being a published author is a sign that you’re an expert authority in your industry. For example, if you’re a digital marketing specialist, getting a book published about digital marketing under your name will position you as a thought leader in your industry. Our team can take care of the entire process for you, from content ideation, to writing, to getting the book published.

  • Personal Branding


    Is your personal brand practically non-existent? Does nothing about you show up when people Google your name? Are people with the same name as yours dominating the google search results? Are you finding it difficult to close deals or expand your business, because people don’t think you’re credible enough? That means its time you build a personal brand for yourself. Our team of experts can take care of everything, from building your personal brand strategy, to actually executing and implementing it. Get the biggest asset of the 21st century, today!

  • Reputation Management​


    Whoever your target audience may be, reputation management forms an important part of any business or personal brand. In today’s age of digital media, it is important for a business or celebrity to know what people are saying about them. Depending on what their feedback is a business or individual personality should make necessary measures to protect their reputation. With the help of our carefully designed Reputation Management Systems our experts see to the fact that the integrity of your business stays intact.

  • Case Studies

    Giorgia Mondani

    Founder at Mondani Web

    We Got Giorgia Verified On Instagram and Youtube and Got Her Featured On Some Of The Worlds Biggest Media Outlets Including Entrepreneur, Tech Times, Yahoo, The NYC Journal & Many More. We Also Got Her Featured In Entrepreneur Magazine Print Edition '2020 August'. We Established Giorgia As The Top #1 Luxury Watch Influencer In The World.

    Cindy Maram

    Founder at Dig In Magazine

    We Got Cindy a Custom Google Knowledge Panel, Worked With Her To Write An E-Book, Made Her Senior Contributor In a Top Publication & Got Her Published On Worlds Biggest Media Outlets Including Forbes, Flaunt Magazine, Fashion Week Daily, Entrepreneurs Herald & Many More. We Established Cindy As The Top Authority In The Entertainment Industry.

    Zachary Hoffman

    Founder at SWALeadership LLC

    "I have just been very blessed to have the opportunity to have Sunshy digital media agency give me a platform, a wider platform to get the word out and let people know about my business and how my effort are striving to impact the lives of others and change the world. My exposure is increased absolutely, I have had more clicks on my website, more people buying my book and more people acknowledging my effort and I couldn't be more blessed. I just know that anyone, any Entrepreneur or any person who is really out there looking for results and looking to shed light on exactly what they and everything they are striving for, Sunshy digital media agency is great to collaborate with."

    Celene Dupuis

    CEO at Revamp

    "Hey there! My name is Celene Dupuis and I am an entrepreneur from Canada and recently I worked with Sunshy Digital Media Agency and I wanted to share some of my results. So, first off, the reason that I wanted to work with them in the first place was to create some exposure in my community and specifically for targeting new hires. What I found is that, since the article came out I have been able to create a ton of connections right in my own community with other female entrepreneurs which was a huge goal. As well as I feel like it set me apart in our market and in our industry as one of the places that you should apply at because of the quality article and the assets that they sent to me after to share, I feel like we got a lot of traction with it and a lot of exposure in a community."

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