NY Weekly Magazine Feature + 3 Exclusive Features

NY Weekly Magazine Feature + 3 Exclusive Features

Once a year exclusive offer!!! Get free features in MSN, Women's Herald & Disruptors Magazine (worth $1499) for free when you book your spot for NY Weekly Magazine feature - Empower and Lead: 20 Women Who Lead with Vision and Excellence

The NY Weekly feature will be published digitally and have a brief description of you and what you do with two backlinks (Website and Social Media) & your picture. You will get a printable magazine PDF featuring you in the cover.

The features will delve into your story from various angles, all optimized for SEO. After reserving your spot, you'll receive a questionnaire to complete. Your responses will help our editors craft compelling articles about you.

Top NY Weekly Magazine will be published on 25th August & the features on 25th September.

We strive to showcase the most exceptional and remarkable talents in our feature. To achieve this, we have a dedicated survey team that tirelessly searches across all social media platforms and online Google searches to gather information on selected candidates. Our goal is to bring upcoming women to the forefront.

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What Is The Qualification Process? 



The publication's representatives check your website to know about what you do, they also look at your google and social media presence with online reviews and ratings. You will get a direct link to book your spot only if you are qualified.


Once you book your spot we will send you an email where you will be required to provide us a 150 words bio about yourself and what you do. You can use two backlinks in your article, we recommend to use one social media link and one website link. The features will highlight various aspects of your story and achievements. Once your spot is reserved, you'll receive a questionnaire to complete, which will guide our editors in creating detailed articles about you. Additionally, we require high-resolution pictures for these features.


Once the articles are published we will send you the live links to it. All the articles are google indexed and SEO optimised for high rankings. We only work with publications that high a DA with an influential audience residing in developed countries. We also provide high quality graphics for promotional use


What Are The Benefits?


1. Custom E-Book

We will provide you with a custom ebook designed to maximize your PR exposure. This ebook will detail all the strategies and procedures you can employ to enhance the impact of your PR articles effectively.

2. Brand Authority & Credibility

Being featured inBeing featured in renowned publications like NY Weekly Magazine, FOX Interviewer, Disruptors Magazine and Women's Herald will increase your brand’s recognition and trust among potential clients and partners. Being featured on the List enhances your perceived credibility, as people often trust information from established publications. Our features are tailored to showcase your expertise and success, positioning you as a top leader in your industry.

3. Google Dominance

Imagine someone Google your name and finding an article listing you as one of the top leaders in your industry. That’s precisely the visibility we aim to provide. Being featured not only boosts your recognition but also significantly enhances your credibility. Along with the listing, you will benefit from three exclusive features, further highlighting your expertise and achievements to a broader audience. This combination is a powerful tool to elevate your public profile and establish your strong standing in the field.

4. High Quality Custom Content

Our team of highly skilled designers crafts bespoke content for each individual featured on our list. This tailored content, designed to reflect your unique brand and achievements, can be utilized across your social media platforms, official website, and even in printed materials. This comprehensive approach not only enhances your online presence but also enriches your engagement with both current and potential audiences.

5. Seo Juice With Do-Follow Backlinks

Each featured individual has the opportunity to include links to their website and social media accounts in their profile description. These do-follow backlinks, hosted on high-authority websites, are instrumental in enhancing your SEO and improving your Google rankings. This not only increases your online visibility but also strengthens your digital presence.

6. Legal Rights To Use Citation As Seen/Featured On

Each individual featured in the article also promotes it within their own social media networks and other circles, significantly expanding its reach. To support this effort, we provide every listed person with high-quality media content, ensuring that the shared material is both engaging and professionally presented. This collaborative promotion strategy amplifies the impact and visibility of the article across diverse platforms.

7. Legal Rights To Use Citation As Seen/Featured On

We get exclusive permission and rights from the publication which grants you the legal rights to use the citation as seen/featured on.




  • Which Media Publications Will I Be Featured On?

All the publications we partner with are rapidly growing online platforms, each boasting strong Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR) scores ranging from 50 to 65. This robust online presence aids significantly in enhancing SEO and improving Google rankings for your features.

  • What Are The Requirements?

Once you reserve your spot, we will send you an email with detailed instructions. You'll be asked to provide a 150-word bio that encapsulates your professional background and what you do. You can include two backlinks; we recommend using one for your social media and one for your website to maximize your online presence.

Additionally, the features will be tailored specifically to you and your company, highlighting your unique story. You'll receive a questionnaire to help us craft personalized articles that best represent your journey and insights.

Lastly, we require high-resolution pictures of you for the article to ensure the visuals match the quality of your story.

  • When Does The Process Start After Signing Up?

Once you sign up, we will send you a confirmation email along with a questionnaire within 12 hours. You will have one week to complete and return the information to us at your convenience.

  • When Can I Expect The Article?

Upon signing up for the feature, we will inform you of the publication date. Once the article is published, we will deliver the published piece along with custom media content to you within 48 hours.

Why Should I Pay a Fee?

Cost of Ideation & Marketing

Crafting the article requires the creative genius of top copywriters and a dedicated marketing team to ensure it reaches the right audience. We employ the industry's best SEO experts to optimize the article, enabling it to rank highly across all relevant keywords, which in turn delivers substantial exposure.

Cost of Hiring Representatives

We engage representatives from various publications to select candidates for our listicles. These representatives thoroughly review your website, assess your Google and social media presence, and evaluate online reviews and ratings. Only qualified individuals receive a link to the product page, which should not be shared without prior nomination. You are encouraged to review past articles to appreciate the caliber of individuals featured.

Cost of Permission & Placement

To feature our articles, we compensate the publications for permission and placement fees. This ensures that the articles remain on the homepage for an extended period, maximizing exposure.

Cost of Creating High-Quality Content

Our team of highly skilled designers crafts bespoke content for each individual listed. This content is optimized for use on social media, websites, and can also be printed, providing versatile marketing tools for the featured individuals.

Scaring Off Pretenders & Scammers

In today's era, where AI can easily mask the true success of individuals, our rigorous selection process ensures that only genuinely qualified candidates are featured. Associating a cost with our process helps maintain the exclusivity of our list and keeps it free from scammers and pretenders.