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    We live in a world full of consumers who make decisions to buy online based on reputation and credibility, yet there are so many brands who don't invest in building their online authority and credibility, which ultimately results in fewer sales, low conversions and slow growth. Sunshy PR removes the barriers surrounding budget, connections and time, to enable you to compete and grow alongside some of the biggest names in your industry!

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    One of our PR Managers will be in touch with a custom questionnaire. This helps us understand your unique story and brand positioning.


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    Our team of in-house editorial writers uses the questionnaire to turn your story into irresistible articles and pitches.


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    We’ll send all content to you for final review. Nothing gets published without your approval, and everything that gets published will boost your brand authority online.


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    Your approved articles are published across high-ranking websites. Exposure, organic traffic, interest and awareness - they’re all yours.

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  • Case Studies

    Botanical Beach Babes

    Luxury Swimwear Company

    We Got Botanical Beach Babes Featured On Top Publications Including Grazia, V Magazine, Haute Living & Fashion Week Daily. We Helped Botanical Beach Babes To Establish Themselves As The Best Sustainable Luxury Swimwear Brand In The World.

    Cindy Maram

    Founder at Dig In Magazine

    We Got Cindy Published On Worlds Biggest Media Outlets Including Flaunt Magazine, Fashion Week Daily, Disruptors Magazine & More. We Established Cindy As The Top Authority In The Entertainment Industry.

    Aina Alive

     Entrepreneur & Coach 

    We got Aina Featured On High Authority Media Outlets Like Haute Living, NY Weekly & More To Boost Her Google Presence And Establish Her As An Authority & Leader In The Business Coaching Industry.

    Vanessa Kahlon

    Founder at KFS School

    "I am very fortunate to have met Sunshy Digital Media Group. Let's talk about what they have done for me so far. A press release for my book on Bloomberg- done. My book edited and published on Amazon - done. I thought, "oh, we need to make it available in Spanish." They said, "Okay, let's figure it out." - done. The amount of creativity behind what they provide and how they do things is what I love. But I also love the personal experience that I get when I work with them. I send them an idea that I have and she always says, "just tell me the vision, let me get you there. Don't worry about the details, just give me the vision and we'll get you there. Just understand that it takes a team in business and when you find the right people, that's when you'll start to grow. And that's when I started to grow, since I started using Sunshine Digital Media Group. Thank you so much for everything."

    Zachary Hoffman

    Founder at SWALeadership LLC

    "I have just been very blessed to have the opportunity to have Sunshy digital media agency give me a platform, a wider platform to get the word out and let people know about my business and how my effort are striving to impact the lives of others and change the world. My exposure is increased absolutely, I have had more clicks on my website, more people buying my book and more people acknowledging my effort and I couldn't be more blessed. I just know that anyone, any Entrepreneur or any person who is really out there looking for results and looking to shed light on exactly what they and everything they are striving for, Sunshy digital media agency is great to collaborate with."

    Celene Dupuis

    CEO at Revamp

    "Hey there! My name is Celene Dupuis and I am an entrepreneur from Canada and recently I worked with Sunshy Digital Media Agency and I wanted to share some of my results. So, first off, the reason that I wanted to work with them in the first place was to create some exposure in my community and specifically for targeting new hires. What I found is that, since the article came out I have been able to create a ton of connections right in my own community with other female entrepreneurs which was a huge goal. As well as I feel like it set me apart in our market and in our industry as one of the places that you should apply at because of the quality article and the assets that they sent to me after to share, I feel like we got a lot of traction with it and a lot of exposure in a community."

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